What do comic books and compliance have in common?

There is no limitation to the imagination when it comes to writing about a comic character. Recently, the relationship between a comic book and compliance solutions is a common topic to discuss. A regulatory notice for comics sent out by the comic book industry. This notice essentially required every comic book publisher to get their books in line with the comics code. After that, the comics were no longer permitted to be sold without the expressed approval of the United States Government.

Many in the industry have opposed this move, especially since it is a government mandate. One could argue that this is an over-regulation of the comic book industry. The other side of this argument claims that it is a free-market approach by the government to protect the consumer. In other words, they claim that it is not a regulation but rather an invitation to competition amongst companies to push toward a more harmonious relationship between writer and publisher. However, in the end, the United States Government will always have the final say as to what the law says, and the decision ultimately lies with them.

With that said, there are still many companies that have chosen to defy the government’s order. Many publishers are now creating more than one kind of comic book. Some are creating superheroes who have been heroes for years, while others are creating characters who are halfway through their life in the comic book world. In either case, the creator has the liberty to go where he wants within the comic book realm.

Some wonder if this is a slippery slope towards complete freedom from government intervention and regulation. The answer is that we’ve seen this with many industries, and the result is usually a much healthier market. Creators can meet the demand of consumers, and the end result is a more diverse marketplace that offers new products and services to customers. When the creator meets the customer demand, the result is often greater sales. More consumers get the products they want, and retailers don’t get stuck with orders that have expired or that didn’t meet the requirements of their customers.

The relationship between a comic book and regulatory change management strategy has many benefits for society as a whole. As our culture becomes more intelligent about the meaning of words, the laws that were set in motion to protect us can become increasingly meaningful. This means that it is up to us, as consumers, to be sure that the products we purchase are ones that follow the letter of the law and don’t do anything that might be illegal.

On the one hand, consumers have a right to be aware of where their money is going. However, they also have the right to know that their comics may contain some content they find offensive. It is the job of the distributor to make sure that the product they distribute adheres to both these necessities. By following this simple guideline, we can help ensure that comic books continue to be a fun and creative experience and remain a force in pop culture for years to come.

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