How Long Does An Ankle Remain Swollen After A Sprain?


The pain of a swollen ankle will take time to go away, even after you’ve recovered. When you are walking, jumping, hopping, or even enjoying sports or other outdoor activities, you realize a sudden pain. This pain is unbearable as it feels like the whole leg got immobile and as if the muscle changed shape simultaneously.

When the ankle gets sprained, it remains swollen for some time if not treated at the correct time. There are various types of sprained ankles and multiple ways to treat them. Remember that as long as the sprained ankles remain swollen, the pain will not subside. Hence, it is essential to understand the different types of injuries and their lasting timeline. An orthopedic will be able to help you regarding sprained ankle information. However, this article will enhance your knowledge for a safer future.

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What Do You Know About Sprained Ankle?

Some injuries occur only in the bones, and those injuries are known as musculoskeletal injuries. A sprained ankle is one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries that occur. An ankle getting sprained can happen in children to older people; however, women are mostly affected by this injury. The question is how the ankle can receive this type of severe injury. The ankle gets sprained when the ligaments outside the ankle are torn, stretched, or gets misplaced. The ligaments are injured when extreme or sudden pressure is put on the ankle. For example, not walking straight, suddenly jumping, swimming, or keeping the leg open in heavy cold winter can cause torn ligaments. In the case of a sprained ankle, the outside or lateral ligaments are injured mostly.

Types Of Ankle Sprain:

It is time to understand the ligaments in the ankle. The ligaments are tissues that connect one bone to the other. Ligaments act to support or stabilize the ankle from injuries. The types of ankle sprain include:

Grade 1: A sprained ankle is labeled as Grade 1 when the ligaments are least damaged. These injuries are those typical muscle cramp-like injuries. Here, the ligaments are outstretched and can be stabilized after some home treatments like ice-pack or frozen pea treatment.

Grade 2: This type of injury is a bit more severe than grade 1 as the ligaments get partially torn. The pain and immobility last longer than usual. You might be required to visit a sprained ankle doctor who will further suggest the proper treatment at this stage.

Grade 3: This is the most severe sprain injury ever, as the ligaments are torn. The damage is so much that unimaginable pain, swelling, bruise, etc., appears, and the person gets bedridden for at least six months. Here, the patient will require surgery.

Diagnosis Of The Sprained Ankle?

According to the title, the ankle will appear swollen and continue to be like that for a few weeks. Diagnosis can be made by imaging like an X-Ray or MRI, and a surgeon conducts Anterior Draw and Talar tests to measure the depth of damaged ligaments. An ultrasound machine can also be used to detect damaged ligaments.

Sprain Ankle Recovery Timeline:

The recovery depends on the sprain grade, treatment options, and patient care during recovery. If someone is damaged with a Grade 3 sprain, they require surgery, and monitoring is essential, and the maximum timeline is 1.5 months for a mild injury.


Sprained ankles can be severe and light at the same time. It all depends on the treatment procedure of the patients. Thorough care for the patient can end with the patient being recovered within weeks. If you are interested in learning about the types of physical science that is available to us, then you should know what is what, how it works!

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