How to Find the Target Audience for Video Games?

Finding the target audience for video games is one of the biggest challenges that game designers face these days. While traditional media like newspapers, television, and even billboards are used to communicate game information to potential customers, video games have yet to discover an equivalent counterpart. This is why a successful video game campaign relies …

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What Is Physical Geology?

There are many kinds of physical geology and each of them has its own particular field of study. If you are interested in learning about the types of physical science that is available to us, then you should know what is what, how it works, and the difference between a geologist and a geophysicist. Physical …

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How Do Geologists Locate Minerals?

Geologists use the term ‘mineralogy’ to refer to a study of minerals and other geological substances, as well as their physical properties. In fact, mineralogy is a broad field encompassing many different disciplines, including mineralogy, petroleum geology, environmental geology, petroleum geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and geophysics. Many people ask how do geologists locate minerals in a …

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