9/11 victims. What it means for the country and their family

Everyone can still remember the tragedy that happened on September 11, 2001. The number of lives lost in these events was rather big as far terrorist attacks go. Even though Americans made quite a lot of enemies over the years, this was still a huge blow as far as the national stability of a country goes. Plenty of resources were invested in fighting with the attackers, and the event has caused plenty of controversies. However, in all of talk, protests, and arguing, one thing is often forgotten. How the families of 9/11 victims feel and what it means to them when their loved ones are lost in these sort of events,

As far as remembrance goes, commemorations are held every year as this event reached the news all around the world the moment first of the towers fell. Nevertheless, some people argue that this is not enough. All the individuals who have lost their lives on September 11 were innocent, and the families should be compensated for the tragedy. But gathering sufficient resources to cover the losses for every life lost would be pretty impossible even for the country like the United States. If you don’t believe that, let’s take a look at the numbers. In total, there were almost three thousand people who lost their lives that day. On top of that, more than six thousand were wounded. Though as far as wounded go, covering for their damage is a lot easier. Unless, of course, the wounds are something that would require extended care or plastic surgeries. Those are expensive.

So the families are left without the loved ones and not enough money to cover their losses. But who can determine the cost of a human life? It is probably the most precious thing in the world. And what if you have to decide whether one life is important than another? Is a firefighter who lost his life saving others worth more than an ordinary citizen walking in the area during the disaster? Probably not. Quite a few theories believe that every life is equal regarding value, and determining it by looking at an individual’s profession, background or education is useless.

As far as these attacks go, more than 340 firefighters lost their lives, and more than 70 law enforcement officers died doing their duty.

If you look at the numbers of this tragedy, it is pretty difficult not to feel sorry for what Americans went through during that terrible day. 9/11 victims will always be remembered, in whatever way possible. Anyone who survived the attack will tell you the hell they had to go through, and how these events changed their lives forever. In fact, this changed the lives of every American.

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