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What are the most popular Types of Flanges?

These days, the majority of the folks are buying Flanges as it is considered to be a great component. With the help of Flange, one can easily connect two pipes each other with ease. It will able to maintain temperature, pressure, and lots of other things.  A flange is relatively great that will surely reduce the erosion related problem.  Different types of flanges are out there and opt for a great one that can properly be fitted into the system. Flanges are relatively providing enough support, strength, and lots of other things. It is fairly great for the plumbing system as it improves overall efficiency and productivity.

Six types of Flanges are out there and choosing a perfect can be daunting as one need to analyze lots of important things.  By making contact with a professional plumber, one will easily get to know regarding Flanges. Following are the most popular Flanges that are offering a significant amount of benefits to the users.

  • Slip-on Flange

Nothing is better than slip on Flange as it will maintain higher water pressure without any problem.  By making the use of Flange, one can connect two pipes properly.  It will surely maintain the health of the plumbing system.  If you are reducing slip on flange, then one needs to use the best piping systems.

  • Welding Neck

According to professionals, lots of people are making the use of welding neck flange that is featuring lots of benefits. With the help of Flange, one can easily maintain high water pressure.  It will able to prevent leakage related issues and will improve the overall health of the plumbing system.

  • Threaded Flange

If you want to join two pipes without any welding, then one must make the use of Threaded flanges.  It is a relatively great thing that will surely improve the strength and durability of the connection.  Majority of the folks are using such incredible Flange in Explosive areas like plants, gas station and other things.  No doubt, welded connections are fairly dangerous in the explosive areas.  One must visit and get to know more related to Threaded or slip on Flange.

  • Socket Weld Flange

Socket weld flanges are fairly great as one can easily connect a particular pipe using a fillet weld connection.  According to professionals, it is relatively completely different from slip-on-Flange. If you are facing complicated problem while finding a genuine flange for the plumbing system, then one should make contact with a professional plumber and get to know more about the best Flange.

  • Blind Flange

Lastly, blind flanges are available for specific systems as it doesn’t associate with a center hole. Such a system is fairly great that will automatically bear the external pressure of the water.

Final saying

Lastly, these are some incredible flanges that will give strength to the plumbing system.  Slip-on Flange will surely block the intended flow of chemical, water, and hydrocarbons.  It will able to maintain the pressure of water with ease.

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