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The care of garden furniture made of rattan

The pieces of patio furniture made of natural rattan are not quite as well protected against moisture and must be protected accordingly. Since they are far more sensitive than models made of poly rattan braid, they should be put on a covered place for safety after each use. Only in this way can it be ensured that they last for a long time and are not attacked and destroyed by the weather.

Setting up outdoors

Thus, it is clear that the installation of furniture made of natural rattan is not without problems. There is also furniture repair the woodlands tx which can repair any furniture of your patio. In the interior, it is sufficient to remove any dirt with a damp cotton cloth. Previously, it is also possible to vacuum the unit with the vacuum cleaner.

Outdoor, this is not so easy, because basically, furniture made of natural rattan is not suitable for use away from the house or apartment. But since they have a very natural and original design, they are gladly placed on the balcony or terrace. This should be a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight because the furniture pieces are much more sensitive in this respect than those made of poly rattan.

Natural rattan furniture care with oils and varnishes

To clean the natural rattan furniture, special rattan care oil can be used. This can be bought in stores or on the Internet. It helps to remove various contaminants without the material being attacked. In addition, the surface is ideally preserved in this way. If the furniture is used only in the interior, the oil must be applied much less frequently. Alternatively, special rattan varnish can be used for the care. This is available in every hardware store and also provides protection. During the application, the instructions of the manufacturer should be observed in order to achieve the desired result. These are usually located on the back of the respective packaging.

A cheap alternative to poly rattan is furniture made of regular plastic. They are even easier to clean and can be easily transported and stowed because of their deficient weight. This makes them a perfect companion for outdoor barbecues or other spontaneous activities.

However, the material fades quickly in high sunlight, which has a negative effect on the optics. Who puts more emphasis on quality and appearance than at a very reasonable price, should ultimately opt for renowned patio furniture selling company for the higher quality poly rattan.

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