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Guide In Using Incense Burners

Burning incense is one of the oldest forms of aromatherapy and enjoys a high priority in many cultures. One uses incense burners to call the ancestors, to attract luck and prosperity and to keep away evil spirits of house and yard.

Incense is also increasingly being used today for spiritual room cleaning. On a subtle level, incense can eliminate old and harmful energies and revive space energy. In addition, you use incense during meditation, to relax, to strengthen the physical desire, to support and deepen the love or just for the pleasure of fragrance.

When using incense burners, the element always acts as fire and brings its quality as a changer in the process of fragrance formation. In contrast to evaporation, the gross energies of herbs and resins are transformed into fleeting dimensions, namely smoke. Through the breath, we absorb these energies within us and also initiate the transformation within us. Even as incense sticks or cones you can make use of the fire energy and the associated transformation. Whether cozy at home in the living room or relaxing on balmy summer days in the garden and terrace. In addition to the incomparable fragrance experience, we always benefit from the transformative power of fire.

Many people want to immerse themselves in the sensual world of incense burning and discover the secrets of fragrant resins, fragrant woods, and medicinal herbs but are unsure of how smoking works. That is why we have summarized here for you the most important facts about smoking and incense. Do not worry: burning incense is actually relatively straightforward and you can do almost nothing wrong!

Before you start burning incense you should prepare and prepare all utensils. You need:

1. Incense cleaning set

2. A fireproof incense burner

3. Incense (eg the incense mixture purification or harmony)

4. Incense poon (optional)

To make it easier for you to get started, you can buy an incense set that already contains everything you need for burning incense, including incense mixes. Now is the perfect time to briefly think about the right incense.

Smoke mixtures that are specially designed for cleaning rooms, auras and energies are particularly suitable. But other compounds are excellent, as well as pure resins, such as frankincense, or herbs such as white sage. Do not think too much about the choice of incense, but let your intuition guide you! This will let you safely and reliably choose the right incense.

First, prepare the censer: Fill it about halfway with incense. Then ignite the charcoal. Most incense is fast-inflammable and glows evenly. Grasp the charcoal firmly with the smoking pliers and hold it over a candle or a lighter. Now you can watch how small sparks of the fast-start engine pull through the coal.

Place the charcoal on the sand in the incense bowl and wait until it is covered with a fine layer of ash all around, which takes about five to seven minutes. This is very important because only then will the coal have the optimum temperature to best activate both the effect and the scent of the incense.

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