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Five Great Football Equipment Ideas

As football equipment goes, there is a whole lot to choose from. From practicing with the team to practicing at home, and from playing in the big game to suiting up before the season starts, you have a lot of gear options ahead of you. Here are five of the most useful (and sometimes, required) types of equipment for football that an average player will need to use at some point during the season (or off-season). Of course, what you buy will depend on your position, but these are five of the most helpful.

Helmet. Choosing the helmet that is right for you is mostly about fit, but style and materials can also play a role. Check with what’s required by the organization you play under, and make sure you have adequate padding, a solid facemask, and a well-fitted chin strap.

Padding. Shoulder pads and rib pads go un under your jersey, but some thigh, butt, and knee pads actually fit into pockets in specialized football pants. Still other pants have tailbone and hip pads permanently attached. No matter how you do it, shoulder padding is essential both in competition and practice.

Resistance sledges. These are great for linemen wanting to strengthen their forward motion while crouching near the ground, especially sleds that are weighted to really challenge you. Sledges can also be pulled by cords and a harness for players wanting resistance while running.

Tethered ball. Great for kickers, quarterbacks, and anyone else responsible for launching the ball, a tether can attach either to a harness that the player wears (good for passing practice) or a ball stand / ball tee (good for kicking practice). Often quite flexible yet not too long, a tether lets you practice long range passing and kicking without having to retrieve the ball from so far away. This is also good for people practicing in a backyard rather than a full field.

Running ladder/ropes. Good for overall fitness and agile footwork at the same time, a running ladder or running ropes (in a raised grid pattern) challenge you to run fast but precisely and raise your feet well off the ground.

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