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Features and specification of API 5L Carbon Steel

For transporting gas, oil, and water for the gas and natural oil industries, the API 5L pipe is the best choice. Both seamless and welded pipes can be made from the API spec 5L. Pipes made with API 5L specification come with a different end like the particular plain end, regular weight end, extra-strong plain-end, and so on.

These specifications are suitable for conveying liquid from one place to another. The specification of this pipe is certified by the International Organization for Standardization.

Features of API 5L Pipe

1. The basic feature of the API 5L steel pipe is corrosion resistance. The pipe is resistant to corrosion and can last for a long time.
2. Getting an accurate dimension in the steel pipe is quite tricky. But with the API 5L steel pipe, you will get the exact dimension you are looking for.
3. The steel pipe should stand still with high pressure and temperature. API 5L steel pipe can survive with extreme pressure and temperature.
4. The API 5L comes with a rust proof finish. So, there is no chance of leakage while conveying liquids.
5. With this steel pipe, you will get a superb distribution of pressure and stress.

Use and application of API 5L steel grade

API 5L pipe is widely used in different areas. Some common applications of this pipe are-

1. Paper and pulp companies can transport their raw material with this pipe.
2. Any high pressure application is suitable for this pipe.
3. This pipe is widely used in the oil and gas industries to transport liquids.
4. For the chemical refining process, this pipe is used.
5. This pipe can sustain any high-temperature application.
6. One can also use the pipe on the waterline.
7. In the food processing industry, this pipe has extensive use.
8. The boiler and heat exchanger also use this pipe widely in their operation.

What to look for while shopping for this pipe?

It is important to get the right material delivered after you have placed an order. Before buying this pipe, you need to be sure about the specification of the pipe. This pipe should come with the accurate specification you have mentioned.

The shipping cost is also an important consideration while buying this pipe. Most of the companies offer free door to door delivery of these pipes. The pipe should meet all the industrial standards before coming to you. You can also ask for the warranties for the manufacturer. It is better if you have done the quality inspection before buying API 5L.

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