Natural remedies for a cough and cold

Cold and cough can make you feel helpless if you have to wait to subside your cold and respiratory congestion. Some natural remedies can help you alleviate your discomfort. Essential oils for cough are a potential remedy which you can apply directly to the skin after diluting or you can use a diffuser to diffuse into the air. Natural remedies to help you deal with a cough is described below:

  • Throat and chest massage:

You can use the combination of frankincense and cedarwood oil to massage your throat and chest to get a positive result. Some other oils which help to open the airways are cypress, peppermint etc.

  1. 1. Natural cough remedy: Massage essential oils onto the chest area after diluting them.
  2. 2. Sore throat remedy: Rubbing a mixture of essential oils directly onto the throat after diluting them can be also helpful. For this purpose, you can begin with the base of the ear and then continue towards the downward. For better result, you can use them three times a day.
  • Sinus massage:

Sinus congestion can lead to a headache which can be really uncomfortable. To get rid of nasal congestion, you can gently massage cedarwood or tea tree essential oil near the nostril keeping in mind that you avoid eyes and mucous membrane. For a runny nose, you can use lavender or peppermint essential oil to massage near nostril. These oils have a nice fragrance as well. Using these oil before going to bed helps to get a good sleep.

  • Steam inhalation:

Hot shower soothes air pathway by moisturizing and losing mucosa. But you cannot relieve sinus by staying in the shower. You can use the steam bowl.

  1. Treating congestion, sore throat and sinus headache: In a bowl of steaming water, you have to give 3-12 drops of lemon, lavender and lime oil. You have to inhale the steam.
  2. Treating cough and post nasal problems: You have to add 3-12 drops of lavender, cedarwood and peppermint oil to a bowl of steam water. You have to inhale the steam by putting your face directly above the bowl.
  • Direct essential oil inhalation:

Suppose you cannot make an arrangement of steaming water. What you can do is apply drops of lime lemon or peppermint oil to a piece of cloth and then inhale from that cloth. You can follow this three times a day to get the most benefit.

  • Calming bath:

A warm bath with essential oil is what you need when you feel devastated because of sickness. Simply add drops of oil to bath water and use that water. For this purpose, you can use lemon, lime, thyme, Lavender and geranium.

  • Warm liquids:

Using heat to treat cold can be really comfortable. After rubbing diluted essential oil, relax by breathing in the aroma. Then have a warm drink such as apple cider vinegar with honey.

Apart from these remedies, taking proper rest and healthy food can speed up recovery and boost your mind.

How two week diet plan helps you to lose weight?

For having the easy, processed and junk food, people at these days put weight very easily. Again, this generation is becoming most inactive generation as they are spending their most of the time on PC and mobile phone. They find entertainment from PC, play games on PC, and do their work on the PC too. So, people who are addicted to junk foods and lead the most inactive life, tend to gain weight easily. However, overweight can also be caused by the depression and obsession from which the people are suffering most at these days. Once you put weight, it is very difficult to lose weight. You might gain weight in very short time but it will take years to lose some. So, be careful if you are gaining weight suddenly. You have to stop it right there to look fabulous and gorgeous every day.

However, many people who have gained weight and want to get rid of the overweight look for the effective diet plan which can help them to lose weight. For them, 2 week diet plan is the effective one as following this they can lose weight in just 2 weeks. Many people have to get benefit from it. So, you can also try this plan to see its effectiveness.

The 2 week diet plan comes with 4 handbooks. If you follow the handbooks properly, you will get the positive result from it. In this diet plan, you will get a systematic diet plan which will help you to lose weight very easily. As you will get to eat the food which doesn’t contain high calorie and fat, you will be able to lose weight with this diet plan. As you will also take exercise during dieting, your diet will be effective and it works perfectly with your body. People, before taking this diet plan always become confused if the plan will work for themselves or not. However, the diet plan is not designed for any specific age, gender, and race. So, anyone who has issues with overweight can take this diet plan to lose weight easily in just two weeks.

Many people get back to the previous lifestyle after completing diet for 2 weeks. Well, you can’t get long term benefit if you don’t follow the diet plan and take exercise regularly. You can have foods which have high calories and fat but you have to burn the excess fat by walking and taking another type of exercise. So, it is high time forget the previous lifestyle and come back to the controlled life if you want to really lose weight and look fir and strong.


Choosing the best vendor for Kratom:

When it comes to buying a medicine we definitely like to get it from the best provider, because when it comes to the best provider they makes sure that your are getting the quality product. Doesn’t matter you are buying a car or shoes, getting it from the best vendor will keep you relaxed about the post sale facilities and usage quality as well. When it comes to medicine, the scenario is not so different either. Here people also want to get the best product and definitively from the best provider. Now day’s people are more concerned about medicine than ever. Because they are consuming medicines directly with a view get rid of physical problems and as medicines have direct effect over the body, they don’t want to take any kind of risk from that aspect. Even in case of herbal medicine like Kratom, people want to get it from the vendor who sells the best Kratom. But to find out the best of the Kratom providers there are some specific aspects you need to keep on your consideration.

The first thing in this regard is if they are maintaining the proper level of quality or not. A patient buys medicine for getting recovered and getting rid of their pains & suffering. But by providing them product that lacks quality not only will lead them to damage from the financial aspect but from physical aspect as well. So, choosing a vendor who knows and maintains the Kratom quality at a high grade is the perfect decision, if you are a consumer of Kratom. Vendor who maintains the higher level of quality in Kratom, they know that people will take their medicines and their client is neither going to let them down.

The next aspect you need to take a little seriously to make sure the vendor you are thinking about right now is the best one or good enough as a vendor and that what kind of variety he is offering right now to the customers for their consumption. There are so many ways that are open for the users to take Kratom. But not all of them can be provided by one vendor until he is assuring a strong variation among him product line for Kratom. Kratom is a medicine that can be taken in several ways including with tea, as capsule, as power etc. Not everyone likes to take Kratom in a common way neither one specific way is suitable for all. So it is better for a vendor if he can provide his present and potential customers with a variation of his goods, so that it can get him more market than before.

Kratom is a herbal medicine, popularity of which at a rise this days and we all know rising popularity is leads to an expanded market. Now if there is anyone who as a Kratom vendor wants his part in the market as successful one, then he better be concentrating on the above aspects.

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